AT&T renegs on “unlimited data” plans for top 5% of its heaviest cell data users

In a practice called “throttling” AT&T has announced that it will essentially  freeze top data users accounts to the point where data download is slowed down by 99%.  A cell phone user is thus  in effect limited to making phone calls and text messages from their phone and that’s about it.  With the smartphone revolution, anyone with video, internet or gaming technology on their phone would be hardpressed to use these functions on their phones.  And what’s worse, once your phone is “throttled” it stays that was for the rest of the billing period, even if there is no congestion on the network or you reduce your data useage.  AT&T “throttles” customers who use as little as 1.5 gigs of data, or perhaps less.  Why?  It appears that  AT&T is trying to force customers that are in its now ending “unlimited” plan in to a tiered pricing plan.  Have you had this happen to you?  We are investigating claims of wrongdoing.