Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck, LLP’s antitrust practice focuses on representing businesses and individuals who have been the victims of price-fixing, unlawful monopolization, tying and other anticompetitive conduct. Federal and state antitrust laws are designed to protect the economy and to promote competition among businesses by prohibiting price fixing and other forms of anticompetitive conduct. Claims for damages under the federal antitrust laws are ordinarily limited to businesses or individuals who purchased goods or services directly from the person or company that violates the antitrust laws. Since most products pass through the hands of distributors, wholesalers, or retailers before reaching the consumer, most claims for damages under the federal antitrust laws can only be brought by businesses, not consumers, that are at the top of the distribution chain. Many state antitrust laws, however, including California’s, also allow consumers and other end-users of products to receive compensation resulting from anticompetitive conduct, even if they did not purchase goods or services directly from the person or company that violates the antitrust laws.

Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers, Inc. v. Newport Adhesives and Composites, Inc. (Carbon Fiber Antitrust Litigation), Case No. CV-99-7796 (C.D. Cal.). Involvement in this consolidated class action, in which a class of purchasers alleged that the major producers of carbon fiber fixed its price from 1993 to 1999. The case settled for $675 million.

In re Carbon Black Antitrust Litig., MDL No. 1543 (D. Mass.). Involvement while a member of the firm who recovered $20 million for the class in this multi-district litigation price-fixing class action. Plaintiffs purchased carbon black from major producers that allegedly unlawfully conspired to fix the price of carbon black, which is used in the manufacture of tires, rubber and plastic products, inks and other products, from 1999 through the present. The case settled for $20 million.

In re Medical Waste Services Antitrust Litigation, MDL No. 1546 (D. Utah), in which plaintiffs brought claims for defendants’ alleged conspiracy to allocate customers and territories in the market for the collection, transportation and disposal of medical waste, as well as for unlawful monopolization.

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